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The Navajo Nation has contracted Eagle Point to develop an Indian Reservation Road Inventory System for its Department of Transportation. This project will involve the development of a comprehensive GIS Inventory Management System and a high-accuracy GPS Reference Network, along with numerous data collection solutions to improve the coordination and efficiency of road inventory work within the Navajo Nation.

The RTK Infrastructure of the inventory system will consist of a Base Station Tracking Network, Data Network and Central Processing Hub, and provide Correction Distribution. This infrastructure will provide the Navajo Nation with common spatial referencing system for all GIS, mapping and survey work; increased accuracy over conventional RTK GPS work; and reduced survey time and data collection costs.

As part of this project, Eagle Point will provide the Navajo DOT with GIS data collection vehicles. These vehicles operate as mobile offices with Internet access and play a critical role in the optimization of rapid data population of the forms used to update the Indian Reservation Road Inventory. Customized inventory forms will have dynamic links to numerous onboard electronic sensors that automate the collection of precise centerline positioning, video log, travel direction, roadway length, and date and time.

With one of the goals of this project being to promote economic development throughout the Navajo Nation and all of its citizens, it is important for Eagle Point to partner with the community while being receptive to the wants and needs of the Navajo DOT. Therefore, a component of this project will involve the education of the Navajo Nation community on all aspects of this project.

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